Smart Home Week Reveals 43% Already Have the Tech

Smart Home Week is back...
Smart Home Week #smarthome

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It's 16 years ago this month since an amazing new technology arrived at the Automated Home #WiFi #TBT #WAP11

iOS app update for the Husqvarna #automower ...

Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo (previous generation), Black

Amazon Echo refurbs available for £69.99...

Book Review: Clean Disruption of Energy and Transport by Tony Seba

The cost of solar panels dropped by a factor of 154 between 1970 and 2012 ($100/W to $0.65/W). Oil has become 35 times more expensive during the same period, meaning solar has improved price in relation to oil by 5,355 times. 2017 prices are around $0.33/W...

Useful Gadget of the Week: iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Wireless Car Mount

Quality wireless Qi charging car cradle from iOttie...

Photos from Automated Home's post

Amazing generation over the last 2 days. Still charging on the granny cable, but fingers crossed the MyEnergi Ltd #Zappi from Solar Teamire will arrive any day now! 🤞 ⚡️ 🚗
#Solar #PV #Renewables #EV #ElectricCar

Getting the software updated for our lawn mower at the dealers. Any plans for OTA updates in the future Husqvarna ?
#husqvarna #automower #robot

Review: I’ve Found My Perfect Headphones – Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless

I’ve Found My Perfect Headphones – Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless...
#Sennheiser #headphones #edm #bluetooth #wireless

Early Easter Sale |

Amazon Dot now £39.99

Vortical Tech’s Hybrid Tesla Turbine Generates Electricity from Your Home Water Usage

Generate electricity while you take a shower... Vortical Tech

The Audi UK e-tron charger spotted in Belfast Audi today
#electriccars #EV #NIEVO #Audi #etron

Exclusive: We Talk to one of Loxone’s Newest Installers for Smart Home Advice

We sat down with new Loxone Partner and CEDIA Member Scott McMurray of Epitome Living to talk about the reasons he chose Loxone, his advice on the best home WiFI hardware and the costs involved for a modern smart home....
#loxone #smarthome Loxone UK Epitome Living

crankshaft: raspberry pi + android auto + free software + love.

Interesting: Crankshaft is a turn-key GNU/Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi that transforms it to an Android Auto headunit...

HomePod — In-Depth Review, Tests and Comparisons.

The only HomePod review you need to watch! iPhonedo

Can you help? If so please email -
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Apple HomePod review

The Verge's HomePod review is live...

Exclusive: Intel's new smart glasses hands-on

I'm so ready for these. But if I wasn't already a glasses wearer I would be much harder to convince. What do you think?

Late night London walks...

Hack: Arduino & Bluetooth Light Switch

Here's a nice 'because I can' style hack for a light switch 🙂 Will Donaldson has whipped up a quick hack...This remote switch uses a sg90 servo, an Arduino Uno, and pairs of ATtiny85s with HC-05 Bluetooth modules assembled on protoboards. The 3D printed mount screws easily on top of a standard light switch cover while still allowing the switch to be flipped the old-fashioned way. Check out this tutorial to build your own (spotted on Hackaday)

13 Videos That Show Off the Best Tech of CES 2018

What was your fav tech from #CES2018 ?

Nice to see a new re-design of the Husqvarna #Automower app released today.

AutoHomeRewards: £200 Aukey Tech Giveaway + Discount Codes for All

**CLOSED** Congratulations to our winners -
Michael Clarke
Angie Allen

Competition plus discount codes for all. Win:Win :)
AUKEY United Kingdom AUKEY

Google Smart Display first look

Google Smart Display first look -

The Rise and Fall of Jibo the Social Robot

Robot roasting...

Top 20 Automated Home Posts of the Year 2017

Happy New Year to all, here's your Top 20 for 2017...

A Message to Our Customers

$29 (£29?) battery replacements for iPhone 6 and above for the next year...

Deal of the Day: LightwaveRF switch and socket - #smarthome #homeautomation

Drayton Wiser Smart Heating Controls Review Part 3 – Expanding & Adding Alexa Voice Control

Check out the concluding part of our Drayton Home Wiser smart heating controls review...

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